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Business Training Workshops

Business Training to kickstart your Success

We realize that starting a business is hard.

The right knowledge and insights are a big success factor.

And this is where we want to help.


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Workshops Overview

We offer 64 hours of quality business & startup training via 3 workshop sessions of 3-4 days each, as follows - click the pictures for more detailed agenda:


WORKSHOP 1 - 16 hours across 3 days

Introductory Financials

Entrepreneurship & Purpose

Company Structures

WORKSHOP 2 - 24 hours across 4 days

Skill Assessments

Business Planning

Marketing, Sales & Cash Flow

WORKSHOP 3 - 24 hours across 4 days

Negotiating, Leadership & Partnering

Business Financials

Funding & the CBA Investment Program

Workshop 3
Workshop 1
Workshop 2

Workshop Schedule 2022

The following schedule is planned for 2022 - you may join in the series of 3 workshops at any time, but the primary joining time is the first session, so do apply on time!​​

WORKSHOP 1 - July 21-23, 2022 in Nairobi 

WORKSHOP 2 - September 14-17, 2022 in Nairobi (est)

WORKSHOP 3 - November 16-19, 2022 in Nairobi (est.)

Cost of the Workshop

All CBA Workshops are provided FREE OF CHARGE.

Successful applicants will be given a scholarship for no-cost attendance to the workshop, including the cost of local accommodation and all meals throughout the workshop period.

All workshops are held in Nairobi and involve full-day teaching & hands-on learning with evening networking and homework. All attendees are therefore expected to stay at the workshop hotel (including overnight accommodation) for the duration of the training.

Apply to Attend 

All admissions to the CBA workshop are by application only.  We routinely receive more applications than we have places available, so be sure to carefully and completely fill out the application form as best you can.

The DEADLINE to apply for the JULY WORKSHOP is June 15

There is no cost or obligation by applying to the workshop.


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Questions or more information

In case of questions, or if you just want more information, please contact by email using the form below: