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CBA-Funded Startups creating employment today

Our Investments

In addition to the many more companies spawned from our workshops, we also  have invested in a select few to build success where this was otherwise not possible.

As CBA, we have invested in over 30 Kenyan startups, a sample of which is shown below

Crystalyn Media

Video & Soundtrack services 

Winner of the 2014/2015 Business Plan Contest, Crystalyn Media was a startup venture founded by Karanja Kiarie and Sheila Sanjo of Nairobi, Kenya with a vision to bring a fresh approach to the industry.

Crystalyn Media has been in business since early 2014, and received investment from CBA to support its growth and expansion


CBA focal point: Roland Heersink 


Vic Green


BigBrainz Software 

School management software

Big Brainz was a startup venture founded by John Slater of Eldoret, Kenya with an entirely internet-based new school management system.


BigBrainz has evolved its internet and software business activities since 2014, and has received a start-up loan and shareholder investment from CBA to support serious growth and expansion in 2016. 

The quality of his business plan was such that he appeared in KCB Bank’s “The Lion’s Den ” where he attracted the attention of Kenyan/Ghanaian entrepreneur and investor Kris Senanu, who is now a co-investor with CBA in BigBrainz.

CBA focal point: Roland Heersink.

Food Production

Victor Onyango and his company Vic Green bring a greenhouse-based approach to agri-business in the Kisumu region of Kenya.


Until now, the Kisumu metropolitan area vegetable supply has been primarily imported (usually via motorcycle) from farms across the border in Uganda.   Residents of the Kisumu area have long turned away from agriculture, preferring other trades to support themselves, but Vic Green changes that and lowers the cost of local food supply at the same time. 

CBA has invested in Vic Green in 2014 and has seen this enterprise develop, notwithstanding set-backs such as a storm leveling the greenhouse late 2016.  From the positive cash-flow, Vic Green has been able to expand and procure a second parcel of land north of Kisumu, which is being planted with papaya trees.

CBA focal point: Jan Voois.



Organic Animal Feed Supply


In 2019, CBA approved investment in this organic animal feed supply startup jointly by Joash Adongo (left in the picture) and Enock Ndede in the vicinity of Kisumu. 

Using larvae from the black soldier fly, highly nutritious animal feed is manufactured as an alternative to Omena (a type of fresh water sardines) taken from Lake Victoria. Larvae are grown from a mix of kitchen waste, market waste, restaurant and municipal waste. The protein rich product will then be sold directly to local farmers.


A positive consequence of this new start up is the recycling of local waste alongside a reduction in Lake Victoria’s overfishing as well as a reduced reliance on imported Omena from Uganda.  

CBA focal point: Irena Theodorou.

Eaglelinks Choice

Pork production

This investment was made in early 2020. This business focusses on raising pigs for pork meat, and has been set-up by entrepreneur Obed Oluhano in the Vihiga County, some 20km north of Kisumu. 

The business model is based on piglets, porkers, sow and manure and will apply organic farming principles in order to lessen the environmental footprint.

CBA focal point: Welmer Blom.


Kikafri Collections

Custom made bags



During his studies, entrepreneur Johnny Kibilige developed Kikafri Collections and started marketing and manufacturing various types of bags built to customer’s requirements in terms of fabrics, zippers, side compartments etc. 

After his graduation, he embarked on his business full-time. A key outlet will be the weekly Maasai Market in Nairobi as well as his  website and whatsapp.

CBA focal point: Paulus Steenkamp.

Zindua Rural Transformers


After an initial, failed attempt to establish a conventional farm in the Kisumu region, Raphael Omondi got acquainted with the concept of hydroponics farming. Having completed an intense course in hydroponics farming, he established Zindua in Nairobi, featuring a first greenhouse growing capsicums and applying hydroponics techniques. 

The plants are grown in soil-filled watertight troughs and by drip irrigation are fed a very tightly controlled amount of water laced with the right nutrients and disease repellents. The first produce has been sold on the Nairobi market mid 2020. 

CBA focal point: Eric Kuisch.  

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