A calling to help?

Have you been blessed with wealth?

Do you now want to bless others?

We create jobs in a sustainable way,

Can you see that as your calling to help us?


Consider investing in our cause with a tax-deductible donation* to help create sustainable employment by raising up early-stage companies in the name of Jesus Christ, using exactly those gifts given you.

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* tax deductible status only available in USA and Netherlands

Introductory Video

The short (8-min) video explains where we invest & why.

The video is geared towards investors / managers of donor-advised funds, but is also a great introduction for anyone wanting to help.

CBA 5-Year Plan

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At CBA, we take our mission very seriously. 

We teach entrepreneurs how to write business plans and how to execute a strategy, and follow the same process ourselves.

In Fall of 2020, we published our 5-year plan as a reference for our work, and an invitation to new members.

We are delighted to send a complimentary copy to qualified prospects - if this is for you, then fill in the form below and check the box to request a copy - - or you can buy it on Amazon sites worldwide!

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If you represent a foundation or Donor-Advised Fund (DAF), then please contact us via the form below to plan your giving. 

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