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Want to come see what we do?

At CBA, we help entrepreneurs in less privileged situations start companies which create sustainable & meaningful employment for those who need it.  In doing so, we do the as Jesus would in caring for the needy and build God's Kingdom here on earth.

That's what we're all called to do, right?

Missions 1.0 for preachers

We want to invite you to come and see how we do this, and to  meet some of our companies & founders, and even participate in a selection panel in a investment funding presentations made to us by aspiring entrepreneurs (think "Shark Tank").

Here's a tentative outline of what's planed:

  • Sunday 10/23 – arrive Kenya

  • 10/24 – group intro etc; visit a mid-market CBA Business

  • 10/25 – visit down-market CBA business / very interesting!!

  • 10/26 – fly to Kisumu / Lake Victoria; visit 2 CBA Businesses + the Lake!!

  • 10/27 – fly back to Nairobi, participate in Entrepreneur Pitch Panel

  • 10/28 – start 2-day safari

  • 10/29 – Masai Mara safari

  • 10/31 – return from safari + wrapup dinner

  • Monday 11/1 – optional extra day in Nairobi – tourist shops, elephant or giraffe nursery, etc


Flights back can match your schedule - there is flexibility there.

Join us for a week, have some fun and see how God might use you too!

Missions 2.0 for volunteers
Missions 3.0 for business people

Come to Kenya for a week

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