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A calling to help?

At CBA, we help entrepreneurs in less privileged situations start companies which create sustainable & meaningful employment for those who need it.  In doing so, we do the as Jesus would in caring for the needy and build God's Kingdom here on earth.

That's what we're all called to do, right?

Have you been blessed with time, talent or finances?

Do you now want to bless others who are much less fortunate?

Can you see that as your calling to help us?


Consider joining us as a Business Angel to make a difference among the poor in the name of Jesus Christ, using exactly those gifts given you.

Click here to request more information or register your interest.

Continue scrolling down to read about our 5 year plan.

Missions 1.0 for preachers
Missions 2.0 for volunteers
Missions 3.0 for business people

Introductory Videos

Download our 5-Year Plan

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At CBA, we take our mission very seriously. 

We teach entrepreneurs how to write business plans and how to execute a strategy, and follow the same process ourselves.

In mid 2023, we updated our 5-year plan as a reference for our work, and an invitation to new members.

We are delighted to send a complimentary copy to qualified prospects - if this is for you, then click here to download a copy.

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