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Our Partners

Meet our Ecosystem

Creating jobs by raising up entrepreneurs in an under-developed country requires a team approach - an entire ecosystem of companies and NGO's.

The partners we work with generally fall into 2 categories:

Capacity Builders

Capacity Builders are those partners that raise up entrepreneurs through training, mentoring and microfinancing.

These partners tirelessly seek out and encourage people who show an interest in business can benefit from a helping hand.  Individuals range from those living in the slums with zero resources to those who may be much better off, but still lack the support needed to launch their business idea.

A listing of some of the partners to CBA is listed below - click on any name to read more:

Training Partners

  • Partners Worldwide

  • Passion to Profit

  • Sinapis

  • Vivify

Microfinance Partners

  • Partners Worldwide

  • Rose Women's Foundation*

  • VisionFund

Due Diligence Partners

  • Upscale Consulting

  • Vivify Incubation International

Other Partners

  • Compassion Kenya

  • Compassion International

  • Navigators Kenya

* these partners are also active in other partner areas listed above

These Capacity Builders serve as the feeder network of investment opportunities and provide services to help facilitate CBA investments - and for this we are very thankful!

Strategic Partner

SINAPIS is a global faith-based business training organization.

SINAPIS is the key training partner for CBA, providing training for any CBA entrepreneur requiring additional skills.


CBA is the key funding partner for SINAPIS graduates, with early identification of upcoming investment opportunities through engagement in a "pitch day" session for each training cohort.

Funding Partners

Funding Partners are those partners that come alongside CBA as:

(i) Co-investors

(ii) Financing Partners or

(iii) Charitable Supporters

to support investment in CBA-targeted entrepreneur companies - - the local Small-to-Middle Sized Enterprises (SME's) that have been vetted & approved by CBA as a fit with our mission of creating employment through investment-supported growth.


Co-investors are those parties that come alongside CBA with investment capital to take a position directly in the SME target company in which CBA is making an equity investment. Co-investors are typically individuals, small trusts or local entities wishing to make a difference by financial investment in a specific CBA opportunity.


Investment are structured as loans to CBA KENAY, with 100% disbursement of funds to the opportunity(-ies) select by the co-investor, alongside funds provided by CBA. The full CBA approach - coaching, mentoring, board guidance, etc - is then applied to the target investment. Funds are returned to the co-investor by CBA on a quarterly basis, as these are collected from the entrepreneur investment.


Co-investors may also get involved at the board or coaching level, depending on individual interests and skill sets available.

Since most Financing Partners wish to remain anonymous, we do not provide further information here. 

Financing Partners

Financing Partners are those parties supplying capital to CBA for onward deployment into SME investments targeted by CBA.  100% of the supplied funds are directed to specific SME investments, as agreed with the Financing Partner. 


Typically, CBA holds the equity position in the target company, with a parallel debt agreement covering the Financing Partner's contribution. On return of capital from the SME to CBA, the pro-rata share of that capital is forwarded back to the Financing Partner.


No monies are retained by CBA until full recovery of the original capital supplied has been achieved; after that time profit splits are in accordance with that agreed by CBA and the Financing Partner.

Most Financing Partners find us through the Faith-Driven Investor Marketplace platforms - click the logo below to enter the marketplace, then search for "Christian Business Angels" in the Private Equity Fund section. Since most Financing Partners wish to remain anonymous, we do not provide further information here. 

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Charitable Supporters

Charitable Supporters are those individuals or entities that support CBA investments with charitable donations of capital. These donations can be related to specific SME investments that Supporters have an interest in, but are often contributions to the central investment fund of CBA. Charitable Supporters are welcome to engage with CBA and the SME target, assisting as a coach or Business Angel.

Click the picture below to view a sample of our current Business Angels. Or, click the button to join as a Charitable Supporter today.

Financing Partnes
Charitable Supporters
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