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About the CBA:  Our Story

Who we are

The Christian Business Angels are Christians with business expertise relevant to the startup & operation of new businesses selected for growth of local employment in our target countries. Each member contributes time plus an annual tax-deductible donation in support of our investment activities.


CBA Founders, circa 2014


How we started

The idea for a group of Christian “Business Angels” was conceived at the end of an entrepreneurs trip to Kenya to view the activities of Compassion International with babies, toddlers, schoolchildren and university students.

A trip with great impact!

How we operate

In simple terms, the CBA is active on 2 fronts:

  1. The recruiting of Business Angels, members & resources from others who have been blessed like us, and ,

  2. The deployment of those Business Angels & resources to existing & would-be entrepreneurs in developing countries. 


Where we operate

As of 2023, the CBA is active as follows:

  1. Regional chapters in Europe (Netherlands), North America (USA) and Africa (Kenya) with members from those countries and others, and,

  2. Training & investment in Africa (Kenya) for the creation of in-country employment to help alleviate poverty.

Our results so far

As of year-end 2022, the CBA has accomplished the following:

  1. Development of the paperwork & processes for the deployment of grants, loans and shareholding investment in developing countries, and,

  2. Deployment of annual workshops for the training of over 200 entrepreneurs, 

  3. Supporting the setup and growth of some 89 companies, of which CBA is an active financial participant in 32, and

  4. Through which 500+ new jobs were created.



With our infrastructure and initial deployments complete, we have focused our efforts on achieving our next goal:

1000+ new jobs / year

Our 5-year plan

In order to guide our success we write and maintain a 5-year buisness plan for CBA. Th latest copy of this document is available for purchase on Amazon, or we are pleased to send prospective members a complimentary copy by filling out this form.


Our long-term goals

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Over the long term, CBA plans to expand its presence with new chapters in additional Member locations, and creation of employment in other developing countries.

Latest News... follow us online

From time to time, we post updates on our investments and plans on our LinkedIn page - follow us there and stay up to date!

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