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Invest with CBA

Better Faith-Driven Investment

Do you manage a foundation with Kingdom goals?

Or do you have a Donor-Advised Fund to work with?

At CBA, we have a local presence and a team of international business angels to identify and manage investment opportunities in developing countries with LESS RISK.


Not only that, but we work in partnership with our partner organizations to disciple entrepreneurs, developing business leaders that glorify God in all they do.

Joint Investment Objectives

Most fund managers seek investment targets with dual investment targets:

a healthy financial return

that also

helps build God's Kingdom

At CBA, our objective for business investments can be summarized as those which: 

create new employment sustained by healthy profits

We encourage our funding partners to consider the following questions:

of the 2 objectives listed above, which is primary?


At CBA, we believe KINGDOM OBJECTIVES take priority, but that in pursuing these we can find those opportunities that also provide positive return.

We are FAITH-DRIVEN INVESTORS who plan our strategies, do our due diligence, bathe these investments in prayer and then come alongside the entrepreneurs in FAITH to create both new employment and a positive return.

If this sounds good to you, then why not join us too?  Read more about our types of Funding Partnerships 

Introductory Video

The short (8-min) video explains where we invest & why.

The video is geared towards investors / managers of donor-advised funds, but is also a great introduction for anyone wanting to help.

Download our 5-Year Plan

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At CBA, we take our mission very seriously. 

We teach entrepreneurs how to write business plans and how to execute a strategy, and follow the same process ourselves.

In mid 2023, we updated our 5-year plan as a reference for our work, and an invitation to new members.

We are delighted to send a complimentary electronic or paper copy to qualified prospects - if this is for you, then click to download a copy now

Investment Details

At CBA, we invest both in the business startups via our INCUBATOR PROGRAM and in SME enterprises via our ACCELERATOR PROGRAM.

INCUBATOR investments are loans to the post-microfinance entrepreneur, typically $2000 in size.  We handle these investments with existing CBA funds.

ACCELERATOR investments are typically equity investments in the range of $10-50k in smaller SME's with a track record, seeking to expand both their employment and revenues.

We welcome partnership with foundation or fund managers on a per-investment or grouped investment basis, typically co-investing for joint return. Contact us for details.

Debt or Equity Investment?

With CBA, both debt and equity investments are a possibility. Learn more about these arrangements by visiting our Funding Partners page

CBA Business Plan
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