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Christian Business Angels

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We are the Christian Business Angels (CBA), a group of international business leaders seeking to help bring out the best of young entrepreneurs in under-developed countries.

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Our "Angels" are Christians with business expertise relevant to the training, funding & operation of new businesses selected in support of growing local employment in our target countries. 

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Our inspiration has come from close cooperation with Compassion International’s worldwide work to save children from poverty, and giving the brightest students a university education in their home country.

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Our working relationship with Compassion International supports our investment and business coaching of young entrepreneurs coming from various Compassion programs and other sources.


Start New Companies

to Create Employment

To provide support and/or assistance for Christian & other entrepreneurs in developing country locations for launch and/or growth of their businesses by providing early-stage investment funding and business consulting, with the ultimate aim of helping those entrepreneurs and their companies reduce poverty and increase local employment within their country.

We welcome you here on our website and hope the information will inspire you to support us, recommend us and even join us.

How we do this

We offer workshops, training, funding and coaching to help launch new businesses for the creation of employment in under-developed countries.

Key items in our toolbox are the Business Incubator Program and a Business Plan Competition.


Eligible entrepreneurs are encouraged to develop business outlines & plans, of which the best are considered for further CBA support: financially and business coaching.


Impact made!

"CBA has helped me in two major ways, funding my business plan and
mentoring me through the process. As aa child, my family was not able to provide for basic needs - but I can now do this, thanks to CBA."

Victor Onyango, 

CEO Vic Green,

food production company 


“Teaching on how to plan your elevator pitch has helped a lot when it comes to marketing and getting to convince my clients”.

Benson Osambo, 
owner of a self-financed 10 employee domestic services company

“I organized my business from the training we got. I followed the business plan we were taught and my business is growing”.

Isaac Ocharo, 

owner of a self-financed construction company with 10 employees


Will you join us?

The CBA provides a unique opportunity for seasoned business people and entrepreneurs from all walks of life to make a real difference in the lives of people through entrepreneurship.

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