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Incubator & Startup Funding

Funding to refine & test your business ideas

We realize that starting a business is hard.

But finding funds to start your business is even harder.

And this is where we want to help.

That's why we have the CBA INCUBATOR PROGRAM

Click any link below or scroll down to learn all about it.

What this program is

This program is specifically for new startups seeking to gain a foothold in the market with their business plans and ideas.

Funding is provided as a business loan of Ks 100,000 - 200,000.

Loan is to be paid back after an initial interest-free period, unless we both agree that CBA should make further investment, at which time we may opt to convert the loan balance to a minority shareholding in your business.

The CBA Business Canvas

In order to evaluate your funding request, we make use of a simple 1-page form that we call the CBA Business Canvas.

Click the links below to get a copy of the form, and the accompanying instructions.

INCUBATOR Business Canvas
Business Canvas Instructions

Increase your chance of success

To help improve your chance of success for CBA funding, do the following:

  • be clear and concise - make sure your Business Canvas speaks clearly about your business, so that even if the reader knows nothing about your plans, they will still be able to understand

  • be specific about the money - make sure that you have a clear plan on what the CBA funding would be used for, and be ready to support your request with facts. On the Business Canvas box 13, be sure to use a maximum of Ks 100,000 as the base amount 

How to apply for funding

Follow this 3 step process to apply for funding today:

  1. Fill in the Business Canvas

  2. Take our Entrepreneur Quiz - here's the link

  3. Fill in our online funding application form - use this link


What happens next

Once you apply, you get an auto-generated confirmation.

Our review team meets biweekly to review applications, and depending on application activity, you should normally expect to hear back within 2-3 weeks. During exceptionally busy times, this may extend to 4-5 weeks.

Following our review, you will hear whether or not your application was successful and, if it was, then you can expect some clarification questions about your business plans, revenue forecast and more.  

When all the questions are answered for both of us, then we will send you a loan agreement for signature, followed by remittance of funds to your company bank account.

Questions or more information

In case of questions, or if you just want more information, please contact by email using the form below: